Supporting Staff

The College has the Excellent supporting staff. Every one in the Supporting staff had the experience by working in various reputed colleges. The Administrative officer (A.O.) Sri.C. Ramana Prasad is an eminent Academician and a retired Lecturer in Physics. He had 40 years of excellent Academic experience, He encouraged the students very much to reach their goals. Another supporting staff member is D. Srinivasa Rao is the Back bone of this College, because he has the great management skills. He has been offering his services in some of the repulated engineering Colleges for 12 years. He will manage the students with his friendly nature. He encouraged the students with his skills.

Staffs are frequently sent for refresher courses, subject updating courses and seminars. Some of the staff members are being deputed to quality improvement programmes organized by JNTU, MHRD, AICTE and ISTE for enriching their knowledge-as well as pedagalogical training at regular intervals.

Name of the Staff Designation Department
Sri.C. Ramana Prasad A.O. Administration
Sri. D. Srinivasa Rao Account Officer Administration
Smt. SudhaRani Clerk Administration
Mr. K.Chiranjeevi Clerk Administration
Ms. N.Shilpa Lab Asst Computer Lab
Mr.A.Madhu Lab Asst Electronics Lab
Mr.S.Jagadeesh Lab Asst Electrical Lab
Mr.T.Ramanadham Electrician Maintenance
Mr.S.Raveender Reddy Driver Maintenance
Sri G.Kiran Supervisor Maintenance
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