The College has an imposing building of Infrastructure plinth area of about 90,000 sq.ft with all modern amenities, classrooms, laboratories, library, administrative office, drawing Hall and other facilities such as canteen, waiting rooms for girls & boys and good play grounds.


Library is with over 25000 volumes and about 3200 titles. It has also subscribed to National and International journals, Books and CDs essential for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GATE and Other Competitive examinations are also made available with the aid of Digital Library the Book Bank Scheme will be provided for SC / ST candidates. Set of books to the students for all the courses and year / semester around.

Classrooms/Lecture Halls

Well furnished spacious lecture Hall, which can easily accommodate 75 students with proper ventilation. The class rooms are arranged with the overhead projectors and highly sophisticated LCD Multimedia Projector in order to assure an effective teaching and learning process.

About laboratories

College has full fledged laboratories equipped with latest and modern equipment in sufficient numbers to give effective practical training with three students in a batch and each student is provided with a computer in the computer laboratory.

Core laboratories

S.NO. Laboratory/Resource Brief Description
Computer Center The Hi-tech computer lab is fully air conditioned and is equipped with 125 computer systems with latest configuration which brings students in close proximity with the world of Information Technology. It is fully air conditioned laboratory. Our motto is One student one system is implementing in our college. Each student is provided with a computer system, which has an internet access. Lab is open even during the non-working hours of the college, to facilitate the students to acquire adequate Computer skills and On-hands exposure.
Electronics Lab State-of-the-art Electronic Equipment with trainer kits, bread boards for components assembling and test equipment are given to students to give a competitive edge for acquiring practical skills in addition to the class Room lectures. Standalone computer Systems with advanced electronic related software for circuit analysis are exclusively available for design of electronic circuits.
Electrical Lab The Lab has industrial standard electrical machines so that, adequate exposure and awareness is available for handling and operation. That the installed machines range from High Power rectifiers, DC motors, Generators, alternators, induction motors, high power transformers with necessary test and measuring instruments etc….
English Language and Communication Skills Lab English Language and communication Skills lab is established with 30 computers alongwith 1 server in the spacious room. All computers to each other through LAN. The computers are loaded with English software developed by K-Van Solutions Ltd. In this lab, Server acts as Teacher console to monitor the student’s system and also to instruct the students to do some task in the lab.

Conference Rooms

Fully equipped conference rooms, mini air-conditioned auditorium and Seminar halls are available. Each department is provided with a seminar hall for conducting recruitment programmes, interviews, personality development seminars, Association Meetings, etc. All the halls are provided with the latest Multimedia Projectors, Slide Projectors and Over Head Projectors.

Unique Features

a)  Highly deserved faculty members are selected as per the norms of AICTE and JNTU.

b)  Fully Air conditioned Computer Labs with sophisticated Softwares as per JNTU Syllabus.

c)  State of art facilities/ infrastructure in the department of EEE/ ECE/ CSE/ IT.

d)  5103 Volumes in library and sufficient number of National / international journals with Digital provision.

e)  Luxury Bus facility to the students from surroundings of Khammam to DARCET

f)  Dedicated, Committed & Experienced staff are the life line of the institute.

g)  Periodical monitoring of students Academic performance followed by regular letters to the parents.

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