Science and Humanities

The department of Humanities was established in 2007. The objective is to impart world-class knowledge in Communication and Speaking International Languages and to develop Personality to the students so as to enable them to meet the demands of the current Global Market scenario.

Scope of Humanities

The Humanities and Sciences discipline is an important department for the engineering students. This is not just a basic department but essential one as the courses taught by these departments are all having engineering applications. Further such important subjects like environmental science and engineering is handled by this department. Advanced mathematics like Numerical methods in engineering is being handled by this department.

The department's main objective is to impart a very good training at the initial semesters in engineering based Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences and Computer Practices. The Knowledge gained herein will have a sound footing in all later semesters. In this department as per norms of AICTE and JNT UNIVERSITY sophisticated laboratories have been established in permanent building. At a time 60 students can be accommodated for doing the experiments. A separate computer center is available for the first year students.

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